Explore. Build. connect.

One Individual is a vetted living experience for CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs.Live and collaborate among exceptional people in inspiring locations worldwide.This is the future of connecting networks and business.

💭 How does this work?

01 Beginnings

We're not just some girl at the bar. We're exclusive. One Individual is a selective group that vets all applicants and only selects 4-5 new members a month. We're looking for those who want to conquer.

02 Acceptance

If you're lucky enough to be admitted as a member and receive 'The Reply,' calls will be organized to meet the other members and begin planning our embarkation to a new location.

03 Embark

Once logistics have been coordinated, members will begin their journey to the One Individual's house. Living experiences are a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 30 days.

04 Experience

Leverage the energy our members provide to explore our area, collaborate on ideas, work in an inspiring environment, learn from our network, and experience what it's like to live with top entrepreneurs

We have standards

Meet the requirement

One Individual is a selective group with specific standards set to ensure our members are top entrepreneurs.The average One Individual member is a digital business owner earning $50k/month, but we have a minimum requirement of at least $30k/month to join.


💼 Work. but with some play

Our #1 goal is to improve, and that requires discipline. Guidelines will be set to help members stay focused, but they will also include fun experiences... and a lot of them.

Living Oppurtunities

🌎 Where would we go to do this?

The world is vast, and the possibilities are endless. There are many breathtaking places around the globe. The beauty lies in our ability to decide where we want to leave our footprint.

Member 001

Who Is Nico Terruso?

Nico is from Southern New Jersey, a place where big dreams often fade away.The path of entrepreneurship is shrouded in darkness. Nico is on a mission to cast light upon it. He embarked on this journey for one reason, and one reason alone: connection

Our Mission

💫 Connecting The Future

Our mission is to connect the future of entrepreneurship. Starting a business can be a lonely path, but having the right network will make the journey much more enjoyable.


upgrade your enviorment

Your environment is everything, and we want to place you in one that accelerates your growth. By connecting with members on a deeper level, we aim to help inspire one another and push ourselves in every aspect.That one person who gives you an idea could be the key to unlocking a $100M+ opportunity.It all starts with one individual.


🔮 the future of one individual

We're small right now, like freshmen in high school small. But there is room to grow, and we want to be the innovators.We believe that there is plenty of opportunity to build a community that matches no other.Think you're a fit?